12th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tailored materials and surfaces are important for triggering product and design innovations. Here´s an industry example: The current developments in the field of electric mobility support this statement in many ways. Intelligent lightweight design concepts, bionically inspired materials, mulitfunctional coatings and novel energy systems are material-based results that accompany the progress of our future mobility. However, makeable solutions can only develop if high-level engineering and design competence pursue the same goals. The MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award concentrates on product and technology developments from different sectors that implement this bundling of competence successfully.

The MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award has been granted by MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH since 2002 and is awarded to the winners during the MATERIALICA trade fair at a festive ceremony. The great demand on intelligent materials, manufacturing methods, degree of innovation and design quality has helped the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award become a recognized design prize. The excellent submissions handed in by the winners of the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Awarad prove that they can excel in material-driven fields of technology with their  excellent product design. These are prerequisites for attracting attention among material manufacturers, suppliers and OEMs.

We would like to congratulate this year´s 30 winners in the categories "Material", "Surface and Technology", "Product", "CO2" and "Student".



Robert Metzger
Managing Director, MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH

Your benefits

All successful entries will be awarded with the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award and are entitled to present themselves with that label in the market. The award is for outstanding innovation performance.


Before, during and after the competition reaches the extensive press work that guarantees the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award in the national and international press, a lot of attention.


All winning entries will be up to two images and a description in German and English published indefinitely at MATERIALICA homepage. In addition, all winners in MATERIALICA online newsletter (25,000 international subscribers) are presented.


The winners of the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award will be presented at a special show from October 21-23, 2014 at the trade fair MATERIALICA 2014.


All submissions that received the MATERIALICA Award will be published including illustrations and descriptions in German and English. The documentation will be available as a print or online version.  

Award ceremony

On October 21, 2014 will be held at the MATERIALICA the official award ceremony and the handing over of the MATERIALICA award sculpture.

Web 2.0

All award winners will be mentioned on the respective MATERIALICA Facebook and Twitter sites.





An overview with more detailed information about the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2014 you will find here. (MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2014 at a glance)